Training Event in Malaga

Last week the Short-term joint staff Training Event of our project took place in Malaga (Spain).

Although the coronavirus pandemic forced us to implement strict safety rules, participants from Italy, Martinique and Portugal could join Spanish participants and acquire new competences to promote inclusion through art.

In the framework of this activity, participants could put into practice the competences they acquired during the Online Training Course, as well as they learnt new learning games based on non-formal education methodologies and exchanged their experiences and good practices with other participants.

InclusionArt is project that has been co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

international training event

Coronavirus forced us to postpone our Training Event but finally we are ready to implement it. From September 13 to 19, professionals in the field of youth from four different countries (Italy, Portugal, Martinica/France and Spain) are going to solve doubts and validate the key competences they acquired during the Online Training Course, as well as to put it into practice. At the same time, we are going to reinforce our network and exchange our good practices and methodologies.

The Training takes places at the headquarter of Iniciativa Internacional Joven, where we are waiting for you!

evaluation of the otc

After four weeks, the participants of the Online Training Courses have completed their learning process successfully.

To finalize it, we organized an online evaluation meeting with the participants for evaluating the Training, as well as for recognizing and making new knowledge and skills visible.
It is very satisfactory to know that participants think the course has been very interesting, complete and useful and give them new competences that they can use in their work.

We hope to see you soon in Malaga!


Yesterday, July 6, we started our Online Training Course . 15 urban artists from 4 European countries have been registered, after being selected by the partner organizations of this InclusionART project.

Throughout the month of July, they will improve their competences in different topics, which will allow them to obtain new tools to work for the inclusion and social transformation of their communities.

Among the first impressions of the participants, we have “it is an interesting and enjoyable course!”

We keep moving forward!

After our coordination meeting in Lisbon in early March, the next activity of this project was to carry out an analysis of the main causes of exclusion and discrimination in each partner country. Some causes are common, such as racism, sexism, homophobia, disability, among others … These results reinforce the idea that we have a lot of work ahead to achieve full inclusion. All the partners have also held online meetings with urban artists, who are aware and motivated by the importance of being trained to contribute to the social transformation of their communities and therefore the world, using their artistic talents and being positive references for many people.

We will continue to report on the concrete educational and artistic actions that we will plan to promote the inclusion of all to contribute using urban art to build a more solidary, tolerant and just world!

Let´s start!

When we returned home from the coordination meeting in Lisbon (February 29 – March 2, 2020), where we were very kindly welcomed by our Portuguese AAUTS partners, the first task to start the implementation of this project, was to design the logo, image, and graphic line, in order to give visibility to and to disseminate the different activities of the InclusionART project.

Among all the partners we have been contributing ideas, proposals,.. and even being creative people, sometimes it can be difficult for the creativity to flow. So made our best effort to create an image that we like and that identifies us… We did it !! 

Here are some photos of the work process and shared ideas that led to our final logo and graphic image for our InclusionART project.


From February 29 to March 2, we were in Lisbon (Portugal) for the first meeting of the “InclusionArt” project that we will be coordinating during this year 2020 with the collaboration of the organizations’ El Circulo BreakingEspressione Hip HopVersion Hip-Hop y AAUTS.

The project co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, which aims to promote inclusion and fight discrimination using urban art as a socio-educational tool.

Throughout the entire project, we will show our work process, the exchange of good practices, the creation of socio-educational tools through urban art to fight against any type of discrimination.

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