The Spanish artistic creation of InclusionArt project is a mural, located at the headquarter of El CĂ­rculo Breaking association. It was made in collaboration with Hidetwo, Nesuip, Al l and Lalone, renowned artists from the city of Malaga.

The main objective of the mural is to show how urban art has broken all borders not only of countries, since urban art is on all continents of the world and is practiced by many people, but also to break ideological barriers, ethical, cultural, etc. Urban art has also helped the inclusion in society of many artists since the 70s.

The creators wanted to capture in their work, how graffiti has broken all borders and barriers, since only from there, we can generate true inclusion. Being consistent with this concept, they themselves went out of their comfort zone, showing other paining styles totally different from the ones they are used to.