For their artistic creation, the portuguese organisation, Associação de Artistas Urbanos e de Transformação Social, chose to create a choreography, because dancing it is the most shared and practiced artistic discipline among the youth with whom they work.

Therefore, the young people themselves have been the protagonists in the creation, preparation and production of the choreography, whilst the organisation has support them in the recording and editing of the video.

In particular, the video has been created to encourage other young people who, through dance, can share similarities, overcome anonymity and break linguistic, physical and cultural barriers through movements and rhythms.

The video is available here:

artistic creation: italy

After urban artists and youth workers come back to their countries, they were invitaded to make artistic creations which could raise local population awareness about the importance of inclusion in our society.

Our italian partner, Espressione Hip Hop, was the first organisation to deliver its creation: a rap song! In their opinion, it was the easiest and most direct way to reach young people and share the message of social inclusion. Among the 4 elements of Hip Hop culture, Rap is the most listened to, even by an audience that is not part of the Hip Hop movement.

Rapper BJ decided to collaborate in the project and he wrote the lyric of the song according to the topics of our project and the fight against discriminations. The video was made by a professional video maker with dancers and artists from Alba area, to try to create a beautiful and effective product.

Do not hesitate to watch the video, which is available here: