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This Friday, April 30, we present the artistic creations and the results of our project to the entire population.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions, we are not able to travel to Martinique and meet in presence, so all the final conference is going to be an online event.

After an internal meeting among project organisations, we will be live on the YouTube Channel of Iniciativa Internacional Joven ( for sharing project results, the experience of participants and how inclusion can be worked through urban art, especially with the most disadvantaged groups.

We are waiting for you at 6.45 pm (CET- Spanish Time).


Many things divide us. From our skin color to our social status, everything is subject to exclusion. Integration is not easy for everyone. Sometimes it asks us to face rejection, our fears, our apprehensions, and it can lead us to mental or physical enclosure.

Art is also synonym with resistance, so I choose to dance this enclosure and its consequences.
In this video, the dark colored bag represents the confinement and the weight of the suffering and inequalities that surround us.

The music was created especially for this video. It underlines the sad energy that discrimination can generate. Exclusion, whatever its kind, ampli es our fears and sometimes prevents us from living freely and fully. Is not always easy to be able to cope with rejection. Some organizations are there to support us and good people around us too. Dance can be an outlet and an exceptionally good solution.

It is a great means of expression that can help ght everyday problems. Locked in a bag, overwhelmed by my fears, I make up my mind to evolve and face exclusion. When I leave my bag, it is like leaving the darkness. Inclusion makes me feel free and I can express it with my dance. Throwing away the bag at the end is the conclusion that dance can lead to inclusion and go beyond the limits given by the society and ourselves.

This is the artictic creation of Version Hip Hop:


The Spanish artistic creation of InclusionArt project is a mural, located at the headquarter of El Círculo Breaking association. It was made in collaboration with Hidetwo, Nesuip, Al l and Lalone, renowned artists from the city of Malaga.

The main objective of the mural is to show how urban art has broken all borders not only of countries, since urban art is on all continents of the world and is practiced by many people, but also to break ideological barriers, ethical, cultural, etc. Urban art has also helped the inclusion in society of many artists since the 70s.

The creators wanted to capture in their work, how graffiti has broken all borders and barriers, since only from there, we can generate true inclusion. Being consistent with this concept, they themselves went out of their comfort zone, showing other paining styles totally different from the ones they are used to.


For their artistic creation, the portuguese organisation, Associação de Artistas Urbanos e de Transformação Social, chose to create a choreography, because dancing it is the most shared and practiced artistic discipline among the youth with whom they work.

Therefore, the young people themselves have been the protagonists in the creation, preparation and production of the choreography, whilst the organisation has support them in the recording and editing of the video.

In particular, the video has been created to encourage other young people who, through dance, can share similarities, overcome anonymity and break linguistic, physical and cultural barriers through movements and rhythms.

The video is available here:

artistic creation: italy

After urban artists and youth workers come back to their countries, they were invitaded to make artistic creations which could raise local population awareness about the importance of inclusion in our society.

Our italian partner, Espressione Hip Hop, was the first organisation to deliver its creation: a rap song! In their opinion, it was the easiest and most direct way to reach young people and share the message of social inclusion. Among the 4 elements of Hip Hop culture, Rap is the most listened to, even by an audience that is not part of the Hip Hop movement.

Rapper BJ decided to collaborate in the project and he wrote the lyric of the song according to the topics of our project and the fight against discriminations. The video was made by a professional video maker with dancers and artists from Alba area, to try to create a beautiful and effective product.

Do not hesitate to watch the video, which is available here:

Training Event in Malaga

Last week the Short-term joint staff Training Event of our project took place in Malaga (Spain).

Although the coronavirus pandemic forced us to implement strict safety rules, participants from Italy, Martinique and Portugal could join Spanish participants and acquire new competences to promote inclusion through art.

In the framework of this activity, participants could put into practice the competences they acquired during the Online Training Course, as well as they learnt new learning games based on non-formal education methodologies and exchanged their experiences and good practices with other participants.

InclusionArt is project that has been co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

international training event

Coronavirus forced us to postpone our Training Event but finally we are ready to implement it. From September 13 to 19, professionals in the field of youth from four different countries (Italy, Portugal, Martinica/France and Spain) are going to solve doubts and validate the key competences they acquired during the Online Training Course, as well as to put it into practice. At the same time, we are going to reinforce our network and exchange our good practices and methodologies.

The Training takes places at the headquarter of Iniciativa Internacional Joven, where we are waiting for you!

evaluation of the otc

After four weeks, the participants of the Online Training Courses have completed their learning process successfully.

To finalize it, we organized an online evaluation meeting with the participants for evaluating the Training, as well as for recognizing and making new knowledge and skills visible.
It is very satisfactory to know that participants think the course has been very interesting, complete and useful and give them new competences that they can use in their work.

We hope to see you soon in Malaga!


Yesterday, July 6, we started our Online Training Course . 15 urban artists from 4 European countries have been registered, after being selected by the partner organizations of this InclusionART project.

Throughout the month of July, they will improve their competences in different topics, which will allow them to obtain new tools to work for the inclusion and social transformation of their communities.

Among the first impressions of the participants, we have “it is an interesting and enjoyable course!”

We keep moving forward!

After our coordination meeting in Lisbon in early March, the next activity of this project was to carry out an analysis of the main causes of exclusion and discrimination in each partner country. Some causes are common, such as racism, sexism, homophobia, disability, among others … These results reinforce the idea that we have a lot of work ahead to achieve full inclusion. All the partners have also held online meetings with urban artists, who are aware and motivated by the importance of being trained to contribute to the social transformation of their communities and therefore the world, using their artistic talents and being positive references for many people.

We will continue to report on the concrete educational and artistic actions that we will plan to promote the inclusion of all to contribute using urban art to build a more solidary, tolerant and just world!